To Do

Jambiani: a tropical paradise in the heart of Zanzibar

Jambiani is a small, reserved and sleepy fishing village located on the south-eastern coast of the island of Zanzibar, a few kilometers south of the magnificent beach of Peje and can show you the true soul of Zanzibar, away from the crowds and tourist villages.

but … what to do in jambiani?

Make a tour

If you wish to know Zanzibar better, we can recommend various tour and put you in touch with local agencies from Jambiani or the neighbouring villages. 
Here is a short list of possible activities or visits:

Stone Town: Capital of great historical and artistic interest. Picturesque markets and shops in the streets of the town center.
Blu Safari, Prison Island: White sand, sun and snorkeling. Prison Island: the place where the slaves were embarked.
Jozani Forest: Protected park where the world-famous “red monkeys” of Zanzibar live in total freedom.
Dolphin tour: In Kizimkazi on the south coast, you can take a boat to see dolphins and swim with them.
Spice Tour: Zanzibar is known as “Spice Island”. Numerous plantations of a great variety of spices.

Visit the village

If you decide to stay in Jambiani, one of the most remote villages and less traveled by tourism, you can only look for any contact with the locals. You meet some wonderful, hospitable and kind people, welcome to have us around to take some pictures and exchange some shy greetings in Swahili.
Respecting their religion and tradition, it is good to wander around the village always wearing fairly covered clothes, avoiding bikinis and skimpy dresses.
You can easily walk the dusty streets of the village on foot without feeling threatened or in danger at any time of the day.

It is also wonderful to spend time with the children who crowd the streets and the beach at the end of the school

Eating at The Rock Reastaurant

In Michamwi Pingwe, near Jambiani is the most famous restaurant on the island: The Rock Restaurant.
It is a restaurant located along the south-eastern coast of the island, built on top of a rock that emerges from the turquoise waters of the ocean, reachable on foot at low tide and with small wooden boats during high tide. A unique location of its kind that has surprised tourists from all over the world for years precisely because of its very structure and the enchanting view from inside.

Our drivers are available for the transfeRS!

Walking on the beach

There is nothing more beautiful than admiring the strong phenomenon of the tides present in this southeastern part of the island while walking up and down the beach.
For hundreds of meters the sea recedes, leaving an immense expanse of soft white sand bathed by turquoise waters that take on dozens of different shades, a magical play of colors that makes this place unique and different at any time of the day.


By paying a small fee, it is possible to be accompanied by the many fishermen who crowd the Jambiani seafront, during the early hours of the morning, near the coral reef using the typical local boats: the dhows. Once on board it is nice to be lulled by the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean at low tide and thus spend an amazing morning sailing and snorkeling along the coral reef full of starfish and tropical fish.


Kitesurfing is a fairly new sport which combines all the best elements of surfing, wakeboarding, and windsurfing into one amazing experience. Kitesurfing is just something you have to try!

The kite seasons are from June till September and from December till March. The wind direction is always sideshore.